​​Become my video slave ​​​​

Sometimes I make videoclips for my fans online, therefore you have the opportunity to apply yourself for becoming my video slave.


As my video slave you must match the following requirements:

– Living in Mallorca
– Driver’s license and car
– Regular availability by arrangement
– Engagement with 100,-€ per video day as contribution
– Readiness for ID Shot, copy of ID card and declaration of consent

You also need to be aware that there will almost always be a third person on location, be it another slave, a maid or just the cameraman.


How do you apply correctly as my video slave?

1. Download the questionnaire for the correct application as my video slave. Download the PDF here!

2. Fill out the questionnaire completely and take four photos of yourself:

Photo 1 = Full body with clothes from the front incl. face
Photo 2 = Full body naked from the front incl. face
Photo 3 = Close-up of genital area from the front (penis in erect state)
Photo 4 = Full body naked from the side

3. Send me the questionnaire (as .pdf or .jpeg) together with the four photos (.jpeg) to: mail@lady-mallorca.com

4. Now wait patiently until you get an answer from me!



Only fully completed application forms, including the requested photos, will be considered. Incomplete applications will not be read and will immediately end up in the trash!

If you want to make a good impression right from the start, you can send me an Amazon voucher together with your application. Click HERE!


Acceptance / Rejection

If I like your application and photos and accept your application, the next step is for us to meet somewhere neutral for a first personal meeting to discuss the first details. If I don’t like your application and reject you, please don’t take it personally and accept my decision. A new or further application is not desired.


Your commitment

On the day of the video shoot, I don’t expect you to give me my basic tribute for making videos with me. But you must show me your commitment and appreciation for the privilege of being my video slave! Therefore, I charge a contribution towards expenses of €100 for each day of the video shoot, regardless of the time frame or duration required to create the video(s). Sometimes a video shoot takes a whole day or several hours. During the video shoot you hand over the contribution towards expenses discreetly in a white envelope!


ID shot

With regard to your anonymity, it is no problem if you wear a mask during the video shoot, although you may of course shoot without a mask. But when it comes to the video shoot between us, I will take an ID-shot of you before we start. An ID shot is a photo of you holding your passport or ID close to your face for identification. I only have to take this ID shot of you once at the beginning if you are my video slave. I will also take a copy of your passport or ID card for my archiving.

An ID shot is required on various platforms and websites on the internet to ensure that you are definitely of legal age, are acting voluntarily and that you allow me to publish the video material we create on the internet at any time, which you confirm to me in writing via an appropriate document that I provide to you. This gives me legal protection and of course your ID shot including a copy of your identity card/passport will not be published anywhere and will be kept strictly confidential.


If you agree with all points, then I am looking forward to your application as a video slave!